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You've found one of the more uninteresting web pages on the net. Currently the only information maintained at this site are some copies of the tools, used to access this site, and the home page for PBJ, a Palm Pilot Black Jack program. Oh, and a database of my personal movie collection (which you can browse but can't get any of the movies so why bother). Also, some info on vacation trips we've taken. OK, maybe the interest level is a little higher - but not that much.

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RC helicopter

Italy - a 2022 revenge trip

Meaghan/Connor Wedding 2021

Don & Barb's 2017 Ireland/England trip

Don & Barb's 2013 European Jaunt

Don & Barb's 2012 China trip

Steve Groer Memorial

Barb's broken back - updated 6/25/15

Barb's bike accident - updated 10/26/09

Mom's obituary

Defective Windshield

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