Note that we had Jiffy (1033 W. Dartmouth, Englewood, CO) replace the windshield 8 months ago on 6/22/16.

Thurs., 3/2/17

I attempted to adjust the rear view mirror (without applying undue force) and the mirror fell off into my hand, leaving a divot in the window where the glass broke. When I called Jiffy to report this they first said someone would be out to look at it the next day.

Fri., 3/3/17

Nothing from Jiffy

Sat., 3/4/17

I called again and now Jiffy claimed that the problem is not covered by their warranty, even though the warranty explicitly states "glass to be free from defects in material ... for as long as you own your vehicle". Given that the glass broke under normal use it is hard to see how this could be considered anything other than a defect in material and therefore Jiffy should be obligated to replace it.
After discussing it with the phone rep she said she would have a technical manager contact me on Monday, 3/6.

Mon., 3/6/17

Surprise, no word from Jiffy. I started a complaint on the BBB web site.

Tues., 3/7/17

BBB indicated that they have forwarded my complaint on to Jiffy.
Jiffy came out and took a photo of the damaged windshield.

Thurs., 3/9/17

Called Jiffy again and talked to Cody (manager). He doesn't know the details but says he will call back.

Fri. 3/10/17

After no response yesterday we called Krystal again and she said Cody would call. Eventually, Cody did call, said there were no reports from the glass supplier of similar problems and therefore it couldn't be a defect in the glass (obvious implication is that I lied and applied too much force in adjusting the mirror - not true). Anyway, we agreed that if I would drop the BBB complain Jiffy would replace the windshield at cost (~$90 plus I have to drive ~40 miles down to Denver). Not happy about it but I agreed to that deal.
That afternoon I discover that there's no way for me to unilaterally drop the BBB complain, Jiffy has to respond to the complaint with an offer and I can either accept or reject their solution. Am now waiting for Jiffy to respond to BBB.

Mon. 3/13/2017

Jiffy finally responded to the BBB complaint with the comment "...another satisfied customer" (a complete misrepresentation of the situation but it's not worth arguing about). I have accepted the offer and we made an appointment for me to take the car an hour away to Englewood to have a new windshield put in.