Useful Windows tools

The files on this page provide some useful tools for those of us that are forced to use Windows.

Mail Sync
Sync mailboxes.
Tera Term/TTSSH provide an nice ssh client capability for Windows. This program is provided in 2 zip files. Unzip `' and run the setup program to install the Tera Term terminal emulator program. Then unzip `' in the directory where you installed Tera Term to add secure shell, TTSSH, capabilities to Tera Term.

PuTTY and PSCP are provided as straight Windows binaries. Just copy these files to your Windows machine and run them and you're ready to go.

This is a shareware version of WinZip that doesn't have a timeout clause.

Also, since MicroSoft is evil, there's a some fairly old versions of Mozilla Firefox (Web browser) and Mozilla Thunderbird (email client). It would probably be better to go to Mozilla to get the current copy of these programs.

Anti-virus program for Windows (this is an older copy of the free version which can be hard to find on the net). Install it and it should update itself to the latest version. Also, this link should point to the latest version but, just in case...

Nice little app that returns detailed information about the hardware you are running on. Think of it as a beefed up `/proc/cpuinfo'.

Skype v. 4.1.exe
Verson of Skype that doesn't pollute your task bar.

Program to transfer music from your iPod to your computer.

eGauge BT app
Monitor eGauge systems from a Bluetooth connection